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Thursday, September 16, 2010

New donations page

This new donation page is amazingly SIMPLE...even for me. Thank you, to all who made this happen. Now I can easily contribute on a regular basis through the "recurring membership" option. Also, I am happy to know that my donations go directly to the translators, because all other support is provided by volunteers.

I do not speak or understand Tibetan, and so I have long been aware of the importance of the work of the Tibetan/English translators. They enable me to understand the profound teachings. These beautiful Lotsawas transmit the subtleties of the Dzogchen, non-conceptual methods with words I comprehend! I depend on them and wish to support them my entire life.

With gratitude to Sangye Khandro, Lama Chonam, Chris Monson and Sean Price. And thank you to the guidance and care of David, Mukara, John and Scott. May all sentient beings benefit over many lifetimes until samsara is completely exhausted.

(Light of Berotsana has just converted to a new and easy to use payments system.  The website has a link to donations and memberships on the Support Us page).

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