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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chris Monson and Sean Price join Light of Berotsana

Light of Berotsana is delighted to announce two new members to our team of translators. Chris Monson has graciously and enthusiastically agreed to join forces and she and Lam Chonam have already begun working together to help her complete the biography of Sera Khandro that she has been working on. Since Chris lives in Nepal they join together through Skype and have the same experience as if they were in the same room.

The other new colleague is Sean Price who is absolutely fluent in Tibetan and also spends most of his time living in Nepal and Asia. Sean is also working for Tsadra Foundation and so at this time he joins LoB not as a full time member but as a colleague who will work together with the translators on particular projects. Sean also serves as an adviser for the group.

Neither one of these highly qualified and wonderful practitioners needs to accept financial support from LoB's dedication to producing quality translations in a timely manner.

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